Sunday, August 22, 2010

Titan Upgrades

Titan gets some upgrades to make riding feel better.  First is some Firestone airbags.

This is how the air gets manipulated.

Titan also got a Torklift superhitch to pull Reatta (More on her later).
 And lastly he got some Torklift stableloads.  Soon we get to go on our first trip.  I can't wait.


  1. Great start to your blog, I like the air bags, let me know what you think of the ride quality, I am thinking of putting a set on my 2500hd Duramax that I haul my 5th wheel with, I would be interested in how they ride with a load. This blogging is a great way to meet people and learn things about being on the road. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Thanks for visiting our blog. We appreciate it. Looks like you're getting set for some real traveling fun, too. What a beautiful package!

  3. Sweet Rig, best of luck with it (thumbs up)...

  4. Thanks all, we are having a great time with the rig. Trying to get hang of the blogging, way behind but should be catching up soon.